friends-of-the-blue-goosePlease Donate to help renovate the Blue Goose Fruit Sheds.The Blue Goose Fruit Shed is owned and managed by the all volunteer, non-profit South Placer Heritage Foundation. The governing Board of Directors is committed to the continuing development of financial resources to insure the preservation of historic structures for future generations. We seek to unite community leaders, business people, teachers, and community folks in a coalition to preserve the treasures of yesterday and improve the quality of tomorrow.As a member based, publicly supported 501c3 nonprofit organization, the South Placer Heritage Foundation is fortunate to have members and volunteers who are solid gold and have worked together to fund raise, promote and improve the historic Blue Goose Fruit Shed. We depend on funds from memberships, donations and grants for support.

While the Foundation works very hard to earn much of the income it needs to operate through fund raising and rentals, private support increasingly makes a critical difference in the Foundation’s ability to be an effective steward of its property. The Foundation uses 100% of the resources to continue the renovation of the Blue Goose Fruit Shed.

Your tax deductible donation will support our efforts to preserve the unique historical, architectural and cultural character of this regional icon. You can play a role in the future renovations by contributing a private gift to be used to expand our projects. To give your tax deductible contribution today, please click the button below to make a payment through PayPal. Thank you for your generosity.